Why Jesus Week?

Jesus Week is an opportunity for everyone at UQ to take a fresh look at Jesus. Most people at university have an opinion about Jesus, yet many have never read about his life for themselves or carefully considered the claims that he made. We think university is a great time to consider the big questions and big issues of life, and what Jesus had to say about them. The goal of Jesus Week is for all of us to consider afresh the person of Jesus, and the good news that he brings.

What is Jesus Week?

Jesus Week is an opportunity for UQ students to find out more about Jesus and Christianity. The headline events for the week are a series of lunchtime talks. In addition to these, we’ll have a stall each day at the Grassy Knoll. Come and say hi!

You’ll probably also see Christian students in orange Jesus Week T-shirts around campus. We hope that many people will take up the opportunity to have a healthy and respectful dialogue with a real Christian about who Jesus is.

Didn't this happen 2 years ago? Why is it happening again?

Yes, we have run Jesus Week many times before, most recently in 2015. In the past it’s produced some great discussion and engagement. Our experience is that many students at UQ still have misconceptions about Jesus, and that it’s worth giving people another opportunity to examine Jesus afresh.

Who runs Jesus Week?

Jesus Week is organised by a number of UQ Christian student groups. These include UQ Evangelical Students and UQ Power-to-Change.

Why do you have to force your beliefs down peoples' throats?

Everything about Jesus Week is voluntary, and we want to be careful not to force anything on anyone. We are against any behaviour which aims to harass or bully people. Our goal is to offer everyone some great opportunities to take a closer look at Jesus.

If someone declines to take a flyer, or declines the offer of a conversation, we will of course respect their decision. If you do have strong convictions of your own, and are willing to engage with us, then we’d certainly be interested to hear what you have to say. We think university is a great place for healthy discussion and interaction.

Has Jesus Week got anything to do with the same-sex marriage plebiscite?

No. Jesus Week is not a political campaign, and is not part of any campaign on the issue of same-sex marriage. Our plans for this week began over 12 months ago and thus any perceived motivation or response to the government’s proposed vote is entirely coincidental.

Our goal for this week is for everyone to take a fresh look at Jesus. Our plans haven’t been motivated by the issue of same-sex marriage. We are against any behaviour which aims to harass or bully people. Instead, in a safe and respectful manner we encourage all people, regardless of their beliefs, political views or sexuality, to consider the person and work of Jesus, and the good news he offers to all of us.

How can I get involved with the Jesus Week student community or with one of the other Christian communities on campus?

Whether you’re a Christian or not, there are several Christian student groups on campus that would love to welcome you to their community. Throughout semester these groups run weekly Bible talks and Bible studies, as well as various training courses, social activities and special events. If you’d like to get involved with a Christian group on campus, or even just come along for a visit, please fill out you details on the contact us page for more information, or check out one of the following UQ Christian groups on Facebook to keep up to date with what they have on –

Evangelical Students

Power to Change

Uni Impact